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One Week Until Blood of Heroes

Fable: Blood of Heroes [Amazon | B&N | Indiebound] comes out in exactly one week. Making life more interesting, Revisionary is due to my editor on Saturday, August 1. It’s going to be a hectic week or two in the Hines house. Anyway, since it seemed to go over well last time, I figured I’d(…)


Ever spend several hours on a blog post, only to have WordPress eat it?  

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is starting to suspect that Pym Particles might not actually be scientifically viable or accurate… LEGO-Compatible Prosthetic Arm. (Link via The Mary Sue) Baby Animals! Perfectly Timed Photos = GIANT DOGS!

Writing Full Time: Marie Brennan

When I announced that I’d be quitting the day job and devoting more time to writing, I also chatted a bit with some writer friends about their own experiences and advice. I ended up inviting some folks to share their stories. First up is author Marie Brennan. I’ve been a fan of Brennan’s work for(…)