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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday suspects Elf-on-a-Shelf is a CIA plant. Holiday Card Photo Outtakes. Derby the Dog Running Around on His 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs. 16 of the Coolest Fish Tanks Ever. Owl Kisses! (Link from Ursula Vernon) MorpHex MKIII Transforming Hexapod Robot.

Three Weeks to Unbound

It’s three weeks until Unbound [Amazon | B&N | Indiebound] comes out. This is the time I’d normally switch into higher gear with giveaways and other promotional stuff. Unfortunately, my son’s cold is kicking my butt, and holiday preparation is eating up the remaining energy. So instead, I leave you with what could be considered(…)

Book Reviews: Clines, Rothfuss, and Hearne

I’m falling behind in my book reviewing, so I’m going to cram a few together in one blog post. Book the first: Ex-Heroes [Amazon | B&N | Indiebound], by Peter Clines. This is basically a post-apocalyptic zombie book with superheroes, which is an interesting premise. As powerful as the heroes are, they’re not invulnerable, and(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is unimpressed with the broadsword-style lightsaber, and plans to continue using the sansetsukon-style lightsaber instead. NASA’s Orion EFT-1, in LEGO. Fighting Robots Contest for Intentionally Crappy Robots. For example, one robot just shakes a packet of powdered soup at its opponents. Baby + French Bulldog Puppies = ALL THE CUTENESS! 21 Bunny Reactions for(…)