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GamerGate and Ethics in Journalism

For anyone who doesn’t know, the seeds of the GamerGate movement began when game developer Zoe Quinn’s former boyfriend wrote a blog post accusing her of cheating on him, and of generally being “an unbelievable jerk,” which led to a campaign of harassment against Quinn. Quinn’s ex- alleged that one of the people Quinn had(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is all about the bass. And the treble. Friday also has a weakness for the staccato… Tombstones as Art. (Link from Steve Buchheit) Kittens Dressed as Iconic Fantasy Characters. Air New Zealand has a Hobbit-themed Safety Video, and it is epic. Autumn animals.

Open Thread: Good News

Share something positive in the comments. This is an open thread for any and all good news, because it feels like the world could use more of it these days. For myself, I got a promotion at the day job a few weeks back, which was pretty cool. Also, our new cat Sophie is about(…)

Guest Post: Lesley Smith on Disability in Fiction

I first “met” Lesley Smith a year and a half ago, while looking for beta readers for a short story. Lesley is also an author herself. Her book The Changing of the Sun came out this month, and she’s currently working on a Kickstarter for the second book in the series, The Parting of the(…)