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Prepping for FenCon

Only one day until I leave for FenCon, where I get to do the author Guest of Honor thing and hang out with folks like Toastmaster Esther Friesner, musical guests Bill and Brenda Sutton, fan guest Sara Felix, science guest (and one of my Launch Pad instructors) Mike Brotherton, and more. They’ve got my schedule(…)

Minor Technical Difficulties

My main computer’s hard drive died yesterday. Most everything is backed up, including all but the last few days of my writing progress. (My photos, on the other hand, are in the hands of the local computer shop to see how much data they can salvage off the drive. I’m pretty hopeful they’ll be able(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has a cold and would like to go back to sleep now please. Cats can sleep anywhere. Photos from the 2016 World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan. Puffy birds. Dogs lifting one ear. I think this is the canine equivalent of Spock raising one eyebrow.

Lionel Shriver’s Speech on Cultural Appropriation

Yassmin Abdel-Magied had an article in The Guardian this weekend, talking about her choice to walk out of the keynote speech at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival. Today, The Guardian followed up with the full speech from American author and journalist Lionel Shriver. Shriver begins her speech by describing herself as an iconoclast, and claiming: “Taken(…)

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