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Detcon1 and Inclusiveness

I’m still thinking about Detcon1 and some of the things the convention did so well. One thing that stood out for me was the Fan Gallery in the dealer’s room. This was a collection of photos of fans past and present. Included with the gallery was a note acknowledging that historically, white men have tended(…)

Writer’s Ink: Christian Klaver

Christian Klaver has been selling SF/F short fiction since the early 80s. Some of his recent work includes several Supernatural Case Files of Sherlock Holmes, and the fantasy novel Shadows Over London [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy]. He lives in Dearborn, Michigan, with his wife and daughter and a group of animals affectionately known(…)

Black and White in the U.S.

A few data points for anyone who thinks what’s been happening in Ferguson, MO is an isolated incident as opposed to an ongoing, systemic problem. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles was asked about the diversity of his police department: 53 officers, just three of them African-American in a community that’s 67 percent African-American, according to 2010(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Industrial Flying Machines Made From Cardboard, by Daniel Agdag. (Link from Terry Hickman) Worrisome Uses of Quotation Marks. Man at Arms: Reforged builds a Lightsaber Katana. I was fascinated by the entire video, but my favorite part was the Stormtrooper at the end. LEGO Baby Groot and LEGO Rocket Raccoon Sketch.