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ICON Schedule

I’m Toastmaster at ICON in Iowa again this weekend, which is always a lot of fun. We’ve got Author Seanan McGuire, Artist Arden Ellen Nixon, Fan Guest Inger Myers, and special author guests Laura Mixon and Steven Gould. As well as lots of other cool people. I’ll be doing something new this time, too. On(…)

This Week in Pics

Walked around the local park with my family today and took a few fall-themed pics. I’m particularly happy with the way this mushroom turned out: And of course, you’ve got to get a picture of the autumn foliage, right? I’ve been spending a lot of time restoring old pictures after the hard drive mess of(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday would like to remind you all to back up your important data! Anne Geier’s portraits of dogs in autumn leaves Pics for International Sloth Day (yesterday) Drone-powered Dementor. I want one! Cat Fails

Updatery of the Week

Two good things have happened this week. After a month, the place trying to pull data off my old hard drive finally finished and got that back to me. My agent emailed with some minor notes on my middle grade novel. It sounds like once I go through these, we should (hopefully) be able to(…)

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